My Imenso

 The essence of jewelry is to emphasize the beauty of woman and to make her feel confident. MY iMenso has been developed within that spirit. Every woman, regardless age or type, can create with MY iMenso her own piece of jewelry which enhances her beauty in a personal and authentic way. It is a way of self-expression. The designs of MY iMenso can be delicate or bold, colorful or subdued, intricate and expensive or economical and simple: Each carrying their own meaning, projecting a message about this woman to the world. MY iMenso is a reflection of a woman’s personality.

My Imenso Sacred GeometryThe Reuche Code

It’s all about a silver medallion (pendant) which is open on two sides and can be worn on two sides. The medallion is easy to open and then you can put your Insignia in the medallion. The Insignia (Latin for symbol) is your “personal touch” in the pendant and is available in semi-precious stone, cameo, silver engraved coin, silver fantasy coin, double glass coins to put something inbetween and much more can be developed.

Traditionally blue amulets used to neutralize the “evil eye.”