Hello, nice to meet you!

AquAelle Tatjana

My name is Tatjana Mitenkova.

In St Petersburg I finished the Technical University and then I followed a career as an industrial designer.

Latest years I’ve been a 3D designer and design jewelry that will help you to come back into balance.

For that I use powerful (or active) geometric patterns that occur throughout nature and in the universe. Your body recognizes the pattern and will adjust accordingly. My jewelry helps you to get back in touch with yourself and with your inner source.

Symbols rule the world not words nor laws.

If you would like, I’ll tell you more about my work in My Blog www.aquaelle.eu

Perhaps you have your own design ideas. In this case, I will help you to implement it in the form of 3D models or as a digital image in the form of a logo or style for business cards and website.


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